Established in 1996

About Us

What we are?

About Us

  • Mission

    To be the preferred supplier for the clean and Eco-friendly products hygiene paper products in Singapore

  • Vision

    To become top brand of eco-friendly products of Singapore.

  • Core Activities

    Established in 1996, Scanpap (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd has emerged as a reliable distributor, stockist and manufacturers’ representative of a wide range of away-from-home paper and plastic industrial products.

    Our principal mills are located at Scandinavia, Europe, USA, China, Korea and South-East-Asia.

    Other industrial products suppliers are located in Japan, Europe and Australia. Currently Scanpap’s products are sub-distributed within Asean countries.

  • Core Products

    We are committed to provide quality hygienic tissue products with intelligently-designed dispensing systems.

    These are sourced from paper mills that operate in compliance with International Accreditation environment management system standards.

    Our AFH products include:

    • Bathroom Hygiene Rolls
    • Roll Towels & Folded Paper Towels
    • Napkins & Dispensers
    • Wipers & Cleaning Cloths
    • Liquid Soaps & Air Fresheners
    • Plastic Strip Curtains & Swing Doors
  • Core Value

    Reducing paper consumption is at the core of our environmental commitment.

    Thus, with sustainability in mind, we always strive to retain a high standard of co-operation between paper mills, distributor and customers. The mills maximize the unceasing changes in paper technology in order to produce adaptable materials which allows it to perform more and more different functions. There exists a continuous partnership between paper mills and distributor to ensure that customers know what is available and how best to use it. In the spirit of that partnership, Scanpap intends to maintain a tradition of excellent customers’ relations and services.

  • Core Customers

    We supply products to the following sectors:-

    • Commercial Buildings
    • Institutions
    • Airport Terminals
    • Hospitals & Health Care
    • Hotels & Foodservice
    • Shopping Centre
    • Industrial & Residential Properties &
    • Other Sectors where cleanliness is mandatory


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    We like Scanpap pledge to conserve the environment together with their principal paper mills. We share such a sustainable responsibility and commitment with Scanpap.

    Robin Ng
    Facilities Manager

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    Jing Hua Xiao Chi has been using Scanpap Hand Roll Towels in our preparation kitchens since 2012. We are very satisfied with their handtowels because of the absorbency and quality, coupled with their regular dispensers servicing. Replacing our wiping cloths with handtowels has enhanced our kitchens’ hygiene standard as well as operational efficiency.

    Mr Han Guo Guang
    Jing Hua Xiao Chi
    (Neil Road , Orchard , Bugis Village, SGH & Ng Teng Fong Hospital)

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    Scanpap had always committed themselves to provide and supply premium quality tissues as well as intelligently-designed dispensers. Therefore, all these years with Scanpap, their commitment has complemented well with our janitorial services to various industries where cleanliness is mandatory.

    Ms Pae
    Purchaser of a Reputable Janitorial Company

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    Scanpap provides very competitive pricing and reliable delivery service. My cafe has been buying hand towels and napkins from Scanpap for more than 5 years. Their products are of excellent quality and are Green Label certified. I am assured that my tissue consumption helps contribute to environment sustainability! Other than that, we also impressed by their excellent customer service too.

    Mae Koh
    Cafe Owner